Phytotron COVID19 Operations

Please read in entirety before scheduling an entry time:

We look forward to the restart of projects in the Phytotron and we will do everything we can to provide a safe environment for you and our staff to conduct your research. Only individuals conducting research with a University Approved Research Restart Exception can sign up to use the Phytotron. Please contact Carole Saravitz ( to let us know you are interested in returning to the Phytotron to conduct your research. We will let you know when your space will be ready. Once you sign up, a member of the Phytotron staff will approve your request or if the time or chamber is not available, ask for you to reschedule your time.

We are requiring everyone planning to work in the Phytotron to sign up for a time to come into the Phytotron to work. Signup times will be for the time that the Phytotron staff are not in the building. To request a time interval, fill out all the information in the request form the best you can. Please sign up for a time at least 24-hours in advance. We realize that occasionally researchers need to request time at the last minute and we will do our best to comply, but please try to plan out your work in advance and wait for a confirmation email before you enter the building.

Information we are looking for in the form:

  • Let us know what areas you will need access to in the Phytotron.
  • What you are planning to do.
  • Any supplies or special requirements that you may need.
  • The time interval you are requesting (you can sign up for more than one 2-hour time interval).
  • We are beginning with one person per scheduled time, but we will work up to one person per floor.


Chamber adjustments and other requests can be made through the website under the Request tab.

We are allowing up to five researchers per floor at one time as of now. We will stagger entrance times if more than one person enters during the same time period. We are approving the times so we can monitor researcher’s time in the building and ensure social distancing. You are required to wear a mask in common areas (lobby, locker rooms, stairwells and main hallways).

As always please remember to stay out of other greenhouses or growth chambers before coming to the Phytotron unless you shower before entering the Phytotron.  We continue to require growth space to stay insect-free and our limited schedule makes it more difficult for us to catch infestation early. At this time we will not require labs coats to be worn.

There will be spray bottles with 80% ethanol and gloves on each floor as you enter the floor. Please use the 80% ethanol to sanitize all surfaces that you touch in your area before you leave and return the spray bottle to the place you found it when you leave the Phytotron.

You will still swipe your ID card to enter the Phytotron, but we are also requiring that you sign-in when you enter the lobby and sign out when you leave. This will notify other researchers and staff entering the building that others may be around.  We will have 80% ethanol and/or hand sanitizer as you enter the lobby and throughout the building.  Please clean your hands as you enter the building.  We are leaving as many doors open as we can so you will need to touch as few surfaces as possible. Please do not close doors that have been left open.

To summarize:

Before you come to the Phytotron:

  • Contact Carole Saravitz ( to plan your restart once you have a University Approved Research Restart Exception to work in the Phytotron.
  • Sign up for a day & time to come to the Phytotron.
  • Wait for a staff member to approve your time.
  • Make sure you have requested any supplies you will need to complete your work.
  • Do not go to other greenhouses or plant growth facilities on the day you are coming to the Phytotron or shower before coming.


When you enter the Phytotron:

  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the lobby.
  • Everyone coming to the Phytotron must sign in using the Enter/Exit form.
  • When you enter a floor, take a spray bottle of ethanol so you can sanitize your work area.
  • Stay only for the time you are approved (or less).


When you are exiting the Phytotron:

  • Spray surfaces you have touched in your work area.
  • Return ethanol spray bottle to the original location.
  • Sign out on Enter/Exit form.


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