Phytotron Operations

We are ending the requirement of scheduling a time to come into the Phytotron to work.  We still ask that you stay socially distant from others using the Phytotron and wear a mask in common areas (lobby, locker rooms, stairwells and main hallways). (We will update as NCSU policies change.)

In the interest of maintaining distance, please be aware our staff requires access to chambers and greenhouse spaces between 9:00AM-10:00AM and 2:00PM-3:00PM for watering and chamber inspection. If it is possible, please schedule your work outside these hours.

Chamber adjustments and other requests (such as reserve equipment, request supplies, etc) can be made through the website under the Request tab.

As outlined in the Phytotron Standard Operating Protocol and University PRR 04.00.06, we ask everyone entering the Phytotron to swipe their ID card (no piggy backing).  If you enter with another person, both should swipe their ID card. If you are bringing in a visitor that does not have Phytotron access, please have them sign the log-sheet in the lobby.

As always, please remember not to visit other greenhouses or growth chambers before coming to the Phytotron unless you shower before entering the Phytotron.  We are requiring researchers to wear a lab coat when visiting the Phytotron.  Clean lab coats are located in the cabinet near the locker room entrances.

There will be spray bottles with 80% ethanol on each floor as you enter the floor. Please use the 80% ethanol to sanitize all surfaces that you touch in your area before you leave and return the spray bottle to the place you found it when you leave the Phytotron.

No food or drinks are allowed beyond the lobby.